Marvel Versus DC/DC Versus Marvel

Comic Book by Marvel
(2 issues, 2 covers) - MAR 1996 to APR 1996
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Mar 1996
Apr 1996

Title Bio

Indicia reads: "MARVEL VERSUS DC/DC VERSUS MARVEL", "Published by Marvel Comics".

When two cosmic beings encompassing the entirety of the DC and Marvel universes discover that the other one exists, the decide to battle each other to find out which is superior. They use the Heroes from their respected universes to battle each other to decide which universe is superior.
Deciding that they are equal they join and create the Amalgam universe

Fights include:
Wolverine vs. Lobo= Winner: Wolverine (Marvel)
Captain America vs. Batman= Winner;Batman (DC)
Thor vs. Captain Marvel= Winner: Thor (Marvel)
Hulk vs. Superman= Winner: Superman (DC)
Spider-Man vs. Superboy= Spider-Man (Marvel)
Namor vs. Aquaman= Winner: Aquaman (DC)
Quicksilver vs. Flash= Winner: Flash (DC)
Storm vs. Wonder Woman= Winner: Storm (Marvel)
Jubilee vs. Robin= Winner: Robin (DC)
Silver Surfer vs. Green Lantern= Winner: Silver Surfer (Marvel)
Elektra vs. Catwoman= Winner: Elektra (Marvel)

Issues #1 & 4 are published by DC Comics and titled DC vs. Marvel/Marvel vs. DC.

Title Data

Title:Marvel Versus DC/DC Versus Marvel
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Marvel
Caption:Marvel 1996 (2 Issues) [Issues #1 & 4 published as DC Versus Marvel/Marvel Versus DC]


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