Tim Tyler's Luck

Comic Book by King Features Syndicate
(1 issues, 1 covers) - JAN 1973
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Jan 1973

Title Bio

This title is often listed under the name COMICS READING LIBRARIES. This name is not found anywhere in the book. CCL has decided to list the books under their proper title as per the indicia. If you are interested in finding the entire series they can be found under the numbers and titles listed below:

R2 & R13--Beetle Bailey
R3 & R11--Blondie
R4--Tim Tyler's Luck
R5 & R14--Quincy
R6 & R15--Phantom
R7 & R12--Popeye
R8--Prince Valiant
R9--Hagar the Horrible
R16--Flash Gordon

Title Data

Title:Tim Tyler's Luck
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:King Features Syndicate
Caption:King Features Syndicate 1973 (1 Issue)

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