CARtoons (1959)

Comic Book by Trends
(3 issues, 3 covers) - DEC 1959 to JUN 1961
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Dec 1959
Jun 1961

Title Bio

Created by Pete Millar and Carl Kohler CARtoons was a success with the automotive enthusiast of all ages. From the back yard hot rodder to the pros. With Millar’s experiences of having been a racer himself made things easier for knowing the things that do happen & making a joke out of it. Quite often using his own life as a starting point. After the first 3 Issues of the title it was bought by Peterson Publishing and changed to a magazine size for the remaining 186 issues. CARtoons is the biggest automotive comic of all time.

Title Data

Title:CARtoons (1959)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Trends
Caption:Trends 1959 - 1961 (3 Issues)


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