Coo Coo Comics

Comic Book by Standard
(56 issues, 56 covers) - NOV 1942 to APR 1951
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Nov 1942
Apr 1951

Title Bio

Standard Publishing was one of a number of companies owned by Ned Pine. He also produced comics the under Nedor, Better and Thrilling companies.

Published under the Standard banner, Coo Coo Comics featured a character first introduced in October of 1942 named Supermouse, who became Standard's longest running comic character.

Also in October of 1942 Terry Toons introduced a character named Super Mouse. Paul Terry, publisher of Terry Toons, quickly changed the name of his rodent-hero to Mighty Mouse to avoid free advertising for Standard's mouse.

Title Data

Title:Coo Coo Comics
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Standard
Caption:Standard 1942 - 1951 (56 Issues)


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