All Top Comics (1946)

Comic Book by Fox
(19 issues, 20 covers) - MAR 1946 to JUL 1949
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Mar 1946
Jul 1949

Title Bio

Fox published the first seven issues of this title, serving up funny animal stories, featuring Cosmic Cat, Percy, Flash Rabbit and Flash Lyte, as well as the O'Brine Twins, characters purchased from William H. Wise.

As of issue #8, the content changed over to largely jungle adventure with some super-hero in the mix, featuring Jo-Jo Congo King, Rulah, Blue Beetle, and Phantom Lady.

The title would be renamed My Experience as of issue #19, and continue for 4 more issues. It was then renamed again as Judy Canova for issues #23 and 24.

Title Data

Title:All Top Comics (1946)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Fox
Caption:Fox 1946 - 1949 (18 Issues) [Continues as My Experience #19]


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