Airboy Comics (1946)

Comic Book by Hillman
(11 issues, 11 covers) - FEB 1946 to JAN 1947
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Feb 1946
Jan 1947

Title Bio

Hillman continued its publication of Airboy Comics in its tradition of 12-issue volumes with this volume curiously missing publication of issue #3. Airboy Comics was itself a continuation of the title Air Fighter Comics, which Hillman published for a first and second volume before changing the title to Airboy Comics as of Volume 2 Issue #11. The series maintained the original numbering continuity, and the covers retained the text 'Formerly Air Fighter Comics' until issue #8 of Volume 3.

Title Data

Title:Airboy Comics (1946)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Hillman
Caption:Hillman 1946 (11 Issues)


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