Deathblow (2006)

Comic Book by WildStorm
(9 issues, 14 covers) - DEC 2006 to APR 2008
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Dec 2006
Apr 2008

Title Bio

*DATE: October 25, 2006
FROM: General -Beauregard Mills-
TO: Admiral -R. E. Straint-
SUBJECT: -Michael Cray- aka Deathblow

-Michael Cray- --perhaps the deadliest SEAL in history. He was exposed, thanks to International Operations, to the Gen Factor and became the legendary figure codenamed Deathblow.

-Cray- is presumed dead. With each passing year, it becomes less likely he could possibly be alive--or if he is, that he's in any condition to function ass a human being, much less as Deathblow.

Should, against all odds, -Cray- turn up to be alive, the utmost precautions MUST be taken to ensure an outcome favorable to us--which is not likely to be the same outcome -Cray- himself would be seeking. Extreme care should always be taken whenever ther's any chance of Deathblow being involved.

Who is this guy working for? *Source: WorldStorm #1

Title Data

Title:Deathblow (2006)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:WildStorm
Caption:WildStorm / DC 2006 - 2008 (9 Issues)


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