Air Fighters Comics (1941)

Comic Book by Hillman
(12 issues, 12 covers) - NOV 1941 to SEP 1943
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Nov 1941
Sep 1943

Title Bio

Air Fighters Comics #1 presented an collection of new features, eight with fresh characters, three with facts about the various military aviation branches and their hardware.

After the poor sales of Air Fighters Comics (Vol 1) #1, Hillman scrapped the concepts of the initial offering, and, a year later, hit the market with Air Fighters Comics #2 with an entirely new line-up. All the features and characters in issue #1 were abandoned in favor of a line-up headed by Airboy, who would make the title (later renamed to Airboy Comics) a best-seller through the 1940's.

Title Data

Title:Air Fighters Comics (1941)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Hillman
Caption:Hillman 1941 - 1943 (12 Issues) [Continues as Air Fighter Comics (1943)]


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