Superhero Catalog

Magazine by Superhero Enterprises, Inc.
(3 issues, 5 covers) - SEP 1977 to SEP 1978
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Sep 1977
Sep 1978

Title Bio

Coinciding with a second name change to the publication, Superhero Enterprises, Inc. used the combined issues published to number the indicia (which is what CCL is using to list the issues). The covers of #6 & 7 show #2 & 3 as they were the second and third issues under this title. #5 had no number on the cover, but was listed as #5 in the indicia.

These books are published with the superhero fans in mind. They contain items to collect or reference books to learn more about them. Examples are records, ties, mirrors, shirts, web slingers, coppters, posters, and many other action toys, as well as back issues of comics from the past year. All of them could be ordered through the mail with an order list for you to fill out in each issue. You even recived a free bonus gift worth at least $1 for every $10 spent. A great item to use when collecting that shows things you may never have seen and will start looking for or things you remember having & wish you still had it now.

Title Data

Title:Superhero Catalog
Key Pub.:Superhero Enterprises, Inc.
Caption:Superhero Enterprises, Inc. 1977 - 1978 (3 Issues)

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