Ghost Rider (1990)

Comic Book by Marvel
(95 issues, 109 covers) - MAY 1990 to JAN 2007
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May 1990
Jan 2007

Title Bio

This series features Daniel Ketch carrying the burden of the Spirit of Vengeance. Over the eight year run, we learn many facts, which were previously unknown; ranging from the true reality surrounding the Zatharos/Noble Kale curse to the Blaze/Ketch ancestral lineage. The series ends abruptly with #93, leaving many unresolved plotlines. The series gets a conclusion of sorts, in the 2007 Ghost Rider Finale special numbered 94.

Title Data

Title:Ghost Rider (1990)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Marvel
Caption:Marvel 1990 - 1998, 2007 (95 Issues)

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