Transformers (2009)

Comic Book by IDW
(31 issues, 98 covers) - NOV 2009 to DEC 2011
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Nov 2009
Dec 2011

Title Bio

Following the events of "ALL HAIL MEGATRON", IDW's 31-issue TRANSFORMERS ongoing series deals with political situations between the Autobot command through Galvatron's involvement in the HEARTS OF DARKNESS mini-series.

The series culiminates in the final story arc "CHAOS", and leads to the draining of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership and Optimus Prime's decision to leave Cybertron (as seen in THE DEATH OF OPTIMUS PRIME one-shot).

**Collector's Note: This series is not part of the original continuity established by Marvel or any reimagining through Dreamwave.

Title Data

Title:Transformers (2009)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:IDW
Caption:IDW 2009 - 2011 (31 Issues)



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