Hellboy: Box Full of Evil 1-A

Comic Book by Dark Horse, Aug 01 1999
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Hellboy: Box Full of Evil 1-A by Dark Horse
Hellboy: Box Full of Evil 1-A by Dark Horse


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Publish Date:AUG 01 1999
Sale Date:AUG 11 1999


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"Box Full of Evil, Part 1"

*Hellboy and Abe visit a home in England where the Owner was burgled by an odd man who took something that the Owner did not know the house contained: a box which acts as prison for the demon Ualac. In years past, the house was a convent, where Saint Dunstan battled and imprisoned the demon. The Owner is able to give Hellboy a clue to put him on the thief's trail. We follow Hellboy and Abe to Lockmaben, Scotland, where the burglar Igor Bromhead is delivering the box to Count Guarino and his wife, who expect it hold Satan himself. When the box is opened, Ualac possesses the woman, who turns the Count into a monkey and turns on Bromhead. Bromhead has planned well, however, has a protective amulet, and compels Ualac into his subservience. Bromhead desires vengeance on Hellboy, and Ualac will deliver this. Ualac gives Bromhead Hellboy's secret name, Anung un Rama, which binds Hellboy, while the evil monkey captures and binds Abe for torture. Unfortunately for Bromhead, calling Hellboy's secret name also manifests Hellboy's legacy, the Crown of the Beast, which Ualac takes for his purposes. *Source: Warlock

**A mysterious robbery in an ancient English mansion sets Hellboy and Abe Sapien on the trail of a saint, a warlock, a demon, an arch duke of Hell, and a gun-wielding monkey. The crown of the Beast of the Apocalypse becomes the main prize in a tale perfectly balancing action and occult suspense. **Source: darkhorse.com

Written and illustrated by Mike Mignola, colored by Dave Stewart, and lettered by Pat Brosseau with cover art by Mignola. 20 pages.

Issue number 15 in the comprehensive numbering of the Hellboy series.

Continued from Hellboy: Christmas Special.

"The Killer in My Skull"

*A series of brutal murders take place, and have the detectives stumped. In all four murders, there was no possible access for the murderer to come and go. Lobster Johnson shows up to investigate, and knows much more than police. He has a photo from Zinco-Davis Labs of five men, the four murder victims and one Stanley Corn, recently fired from Zinco-Davis. Johnson confronts Corn, who has perfected a device which amplifies his brain power. Corn killed the men from afar, and attempts to do the same to Lobster and the police. Lobster puts a bullet in Corn's head, but the fight doesn't end there. *Source: Warlock

**Also this issue: Lobster Johnson, Mignola's new 1930s costumed adventurer, makes his debut in "The Killer in My Skull," written by Mignola, penciled by Matt Smith, and inked by Ryan Sook. **Source: darkhorse.com

First appearance of Lobster Johnson.

Written by Mike Mignola, drawn by Matt Smith, and inked by Ryan Sook. 10 pages.


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