2000 A.D. (UK) 18-A

Comic Book by Rebellion, Jun 01 1977
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2000 A.D. (UK) 18-A by Rebellion
2000 A.D. (UK) 18-A by Rebellion


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Publish Date:JUN 01 1977



Item Biography

The cover of this issue by Don Lawrence was originally going to feature the character "Green Fingers" Ma Mahaffy but her image was replaced by a copy of a Carlos Ezquerra Judge Dredd.

Invasion – Breakout (single episode)
The Volgans have hired Mister Sload, an ex-detective in the British Flying Squad, to hunt down Bill Savage and his Mad Dog resistance group. Sload contacts the informers he’d used before the invasion and is able to acquire the information he needs on Savage. An attack is mounted on the resistance H.Q. at the Isle of Dogs and the Mad Dogs are forced to flee and give up their hideout.

Flesh - Flesh Book I. Episode 18.
The war with the dinosaurs is lost and the prehistoric trans-time base has been evacuated. Some Tyrannosaurs have been beamed to the 23rd century along with the survivors, which creates a monstrosity as one of them merges with some of the refugees. Police units are forced to kill the mutation along with the other dinosaurs and then haul Earl Reagan away to face the "Judgement Machine" for his part in the loss of the trans-time base. Meanwhile Claw Carver has been lost in time and Old One Eye finally has her victory over the humans.

Harlem Heroes - Harlem Heroes: Episode 18.
The Harlem Heroes are up against Gorgon’s Gargoyles which has been infiltrated by Artie Gruber posing as the team captain Joe ‘Ugly’ Mugglie. While attempting to mete out some punishment on the Heroes, Gruber inadvertently takes out one of the Gargoyles, Pretty-Boy Floyd. During the next play however, Gruber makes sure of his mark and sends Chico crashing against the score-tank resulting in his death. The Heroes play on despite the loss of their teammate but Gruber has another surprise in store as he rigs the match ball with explosives…

Dan Dare – Hollow World: Part 7.
In an effort to escape Mekon and his soldiers, Dan Dare and Rok jump into a crevice that has opened up outside the palace of the Two of Verath. Mekon believes that Dare has fallen to his death but the Two of Verath realise that he’ll be saved by the underground force field that holds the hollow planet together and leaps in after him. Unfortunately for the Two of Verath, Dan Dare and Rok are able to overpower him and use him as a hostage to gain access back to the surface where they steal Mekon’s ship and blast off the planet.

M.A.C.H.1 – Skyscraper Terrorists (single episode).
John Probe is at a conference in South America when terrorists lay siege on the apartments of President Arranga. It’s bad luck for the terrorists that the MACH man is in town as he single-handedly foils their plans in a fiery confrontation and saves the president.

Judge Dredd – Brainblooms (single episode).
After receiving an illegal "brainbloom" for his birthday from his housekeeper Maria, Judge Dredd is on the case to find who’s growing the human head/plant mutations. He tracks down the source as "Green Fingers" Ma Mahaffy, the notorious one hundred year old bio-criminal. As he’s about to apprehend her, she gets her garden of brainblooms to hum a special song that hypnotises Dredd and causes him to get on his bike and nearly ride under an oncoming truck. Luckily the quick reactions of the truck driver saves Judge Dredd who snaps out of his hypnotic state and calls for backup to put an end to Mahaffy’s illegal enterprise.


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