Invaders (1975) 7-C

Comic Book by Marvel, Jul 01 1976
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Invaders (1975) 7-C by Marvel
Invaders (1975) 7-C by Marvel


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:JUL 01 1976
Caption:UK Price Cover
Content:CCA Approved


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"The Blackout Murders of Baron Blood!"

Following a firefight with Nazi bombers over London, the Invaders part in various directions seeking rest and relaxation. The Human Torch out walking alone meets a pretty English girl who turns his head.

Moments later that same girl's scream prompts the Torch into action. An honest-to-God (maybe not in this case) modern-day Vampire is attacking the English girl. The Torch frightens the Vampire off after a brief skirmish.

Being quite the gentleman, the Torch escorts the young maiden home to her regal ancestral manor where she introduces him to her father, Lord Falsworth. The venerable peer divulges that he was the legendary Union Jack during World War I, and that the Vampire who menaced his daughter this night was also his arch-foe; Baron Blood.

Fearing that there could be several Vampires on the loose in London, the Torch calls up the other Invaders as reinforcements. Cap, Bucky and Toro encounter Baron Blood en route in Namor's flagship vehicle. Once again the creature of the night escapes, to don a devilish disguise.

First appearances of Union Jack, Baron Blood and Jacqueline Falsworth.
Also contains a fan letter from Ralph Macchio.


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