2000 A.D. (UK) 17-A

Comic Book by Rebellion, Jun 01 1977
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2000 A.D. (UK) 17-A by Rebellion
2000 A.D. (UK) 17-A by Rebellion


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Publish Date:JUN 01 1977



Item Biography

Invasion – Slaves (single episode).
British soldiers captured during the invasion are being traded as slaves to high-ranking Volgans and collaborators. Bill Savage employs the help of Fingers Frampton, the most notorious pickpocket in the East End, in a plan to free the slaves. Fingers, knowing he has a terminal case of radiation poisoning, sacrifices himself to steal a set of keys that allows Bill Savage to release the captured soldiers.

Flesh - Flesh Book I. Episode 17.
Earl Reagan escapes the web of a giant spider and while making his way to the Time Beaming Room to evacuate with the other survivors, discovers Claw Carver looting gold from the base’s reserves. He has no time to deal with Carver as the dinosaurs are breaking into the Time Beaming Room, so he boards one of the shuttles about to depart. Unfortunately some of the dinosaurs get caught in the time beam and are transported with the survivors back into the twenty third century…

Harlem Heroes - Harlem Heroes: Episode 17.
The Harlem Heroes are playing the team of androids, Gordon’s Gargoyles, after reaching the third round of the World Aeroball Championships. Unbeknownst to anyone attending, Artie Gruber is in the Gargoyles team posing as their captain, Joe “Ugly” Mugglie. After the Gargoyles blocker Pretty Boy Floyd is sent to the pits for illegal play, Artie Gruber prepares to make his move on the Heroes…

Dan Dare – Hollow World: Part 6.
Dan Dare has been captured by Mekon in his hollow world base and is being fed to the Margoz, a type of flesh-eating maggot. Rok is left unguarded for a vital moment and is able to reclaim his lazer sword and uses it to free Dan Dare from a slow lingering death. Dare and Rok fight their way free but a huge statue is damaged in the battle and falls on Captain O’Grady killing him instantly. The falling statue has caused a chasm to open up in the floor and Dan Dare sees it as perhaps the only chance of escape.

M.A.C.H.1 – Spotbox (single episode).
John Probe accompanies an S.A.S. squad to the Pamir Mountains to recover Kestrel Nuclear Missiles from a crashed F-16 jet. After they retrieve the missiles and begin transporting them down the mountain, an Eastern Patrol led by Colonel Rachoff wipes out the S.A.S. squad leaving Probe the only survivor. Probe is relentlessly pursued by Rachoff but finally wins out when he causes the Colonel to fall down a crevice in the mountain. It’s another successful mission but John Probe laments the loss of more good men over technology.

Judge Dredd – Robot Wars: Part 8.
The war with the robots is over but the instigator Call-Me-Kenneth is still at large. Judge Dredd tracks him down to a flying oil tanker tethered at the “Meg-Oil” depot. As Call-Me-Kenneth starts to lift of in the tanker, Judge Dredd fires his weapon on an oil leak and destroys the tanker with Call-Me-Kenneth aboard. As Mega City 1 prepares to rebuild itself, the robots Howard, Stewart and J70 Stroke I3 are awarded pleasure circuits for their loyalty to humans. Walter the Wobot is the first ever robot granted his freedom but after only a few days grows tired of his freedom and vows to serve Judge Dredd for the rest of his days…


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