Metal Hurlant 6-A

Comic Book by Humanoids, May 01 2003
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Metal Hurlant 6-A by Humanoids
Metal Hurlant 6-A by Humanoids


Cover Price:$3.95
Publish Date:MAY 01 2003


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"Who's Dreaming Now?"
On a sacred planet home of the High Church, a massacre has taken place. The sole survivor tells a tale about the High Priest and the sleeping tiger god, and how the priest was but a dream of the tiger. His story is met with disbelief, but the story shows that dreams can be like Russian nesting dolls. 11 pages.

A tale from the future, where a couple has worked hard to hide their lives, particularly their gifted children, from the eyes of the public. In this world, public service from the best and brightest is requisit, and the fortunes of its leaders are handled like the performers of the reality TV show, American Idol. 9 pages.

"Pin-up Girls from Around the World #6: The Halfway Point" by Beltran

"3 On a Match"
A space cruiser falls victim to rebel fire, and only three survivors make it to an escape pod before the ship blows. A piece of debris from the explosion compromises the hull of the pod, and the leak means there won't be sufficient air for all three. One is pitched into space, but the two remaining men soon realize that there is only air for one. 6 pages.

"Spouting Off: The Random Thoughts of Jean-Pierre Dionnet"
6 page editorial with spot illustrations.

The Anomaly and Adama are being chased by Megalex police and escape into the labyrinth tunnels below the surface, built by the Maker, Cabot-Chadday, who is said to inhabit the heart of the maze. Adama means to help the Anomaly purge the killer programming put into him by his makers. 9 pages.


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