StormWatch (1993) 12-B

Comic Book by Image, Aug 01 1994
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StormWatch (1993) 12-B by Image
StormWatch (1993) 12-B by Image


Cover Price:$1.95
Publish Date:AUG 01 1994
Caption:Newsstand Edition


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The newsstand edition is printed on newsprint paper (Direct editions were printed on glossy paper).

As Hellstrike is going critical, he remembers his past encounters with Deathtrap. With the team trying to contain the situation, Christine Trelaine takes control as the new WeatherMan.

After encasing Hellstrike in a temporary containment field, they must decide his fate if they cannot stop his deterioration. But a situation in Russia requires mobilization of a StormWatch team elsewhere, and Synergy sends Winter to lead the small group.

When Hellstrike's condition worsens and Synergy decides to jettison him from SkyWatch, Fuji rips apart his own containment suit in an attempt to reach Hellstrike. His desperate act pays off as he is able to convince Hellstrike's consciousness to regain control of his body.

Meanwhile, the situation in Russia is even more serious than previously though, as Winter and the team face off against M.A.D.-1.

Includes a StormWatch pinup by Anthony Vu and Chuck Gibson.


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