Spellbinders (1986) 5-A

Comic Book by Quality Comics, Apr 01 1987
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Spellbinders (1986) 5-A by Quality Comics
Spellbinders (1986) 5-A by Quality Comics


Cover Price:$1.25
Publish Date:APR 01 1987

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Nemesis the Warlock: "The Gothic Empire" (part 12-17 reprinted from issues 398-403 of 2000 A.D. (UK)).

Torquemada deals with a betrayal from the Hellfire Club while Nemesis the Warlock recruits his elite warriors to help him fight back the Terminator invasion. He gathers seven legendary figures, the A.B.C. Warriors, and they try to hold back the Terminator siege of the Goth Empire, but it is hopeless. To make matters worse, Nemesis receives word that the Terminators have slaughtered his family. He heads to Earth for a final showdown with Torquemada.

Slaine: "The Creeping Death" and "The Bull Dance" (reprinted from issues 343-344 of 2000 A.D. (UK)).

Slaine and Ukko flee with the bounty they earned by rescuing Medb, but Slaine has a case of the creeping death after being bitten by swamp zombies, and Medb is in pursuit eager to reclaim her father's gold, and is in league with Slough Feg. The story continues in its own title "Slaine"

Amadeus Wölf - Stalker of the Supernatural: "Scorpio Rising" (part 2) (reprinted from the UK comic book Smash!. In the original, the title character was named Cursitor Doom but was changed to Amadeus Wölf for this reprint).

The powerful sorcerer Scorpio faces off against Amadeus Wolf, but Scorpio escapes with the captive South American President in his control. Scorpio plans to steal a bomber armed with nuclear bomb with the access that the diplomat can grant him. Amadeus Wolf knows how to cut the sorcerer's control, however, and the incident is averted.


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