Real Clue Crime Stories (1948) 6-A

Comic Book by Hillman, Aug 01 1948
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Real Clue Crime Stories (1948) 6-A by Hillman
Real Clue Crime Stories (1948) 6-A by Hillman


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Publish Date:AUG 01 1948


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"The Man who Buried Himself" - A French magician becomes a con man and thief, but is accidentally killed by his own hoax;
"The Snatchers" - A pair of murdering kidnappers are finally caught by an observant abductee who leads the FBI to their lair;
"Cash Box Cassie" by Leonard Starr - Betty Bigstrawn (alias Cassie Wentworth) impersonates an heiress and swindles men out of a fortune;
"You Can't Cheat an Honest Man" - Jack Laurentian runs a stock scam but is caught in a sting by a pair of undercover policemen;
"The Boy Detective" - A text story;
"Hot Wire" - Three criminals escape from jail, but are later recaptured while attempting to break out another prisoner;
"Fetlock Groans the Detective" by Art Helfant - Comedy filler;
"Rub-Out Ranch" - Henry Gammer is a small-time crook until he inherits a ranch and turns it into a gangster hideout


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