2000 A.D. (UK) 8-A

Comic Book by Rebellion, Apr 01 1977
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2000 A.D. (UK) 8-A by Rebellion
2000 A.D. (UK) 8-A by Rebellion


Cover Price:$.08
Publish Date:APR 01 1977



Item Biography

This issue contained part one of the Flesh card game that could be cut out from the back page and also published the first readers letters and artwork. A prize of £10 was promised for the best letter and £2 for every other letter or artwork that was published.

Invasion - Concorde (single episode).
Bill Savage and Lt. Silk have loaded up some old London double decker buses with the families of resistance members. They drive them in to Heathrow Airport, currently controlled by the Volgan invaders, and after a brief battle commandeer Marshal Vashkov’s personal Concorde Mark III. The refugees board the plane and take off for the safety of Canada. Volgan jets are in hot pursuit and fire heat-seeking missiles only to have them turn back on their own fighters because the new Concorde Mark III has no heat signature as it uses cold hydrogen engines - a fact Bill Savage learnt from his son who was killed by the Volgans.

Flesh - Flesh Book I: Episode 8.
Earl Reagan and the other survivors from Carver City start making their way through the dinosaur invested jungle towards their home base. Old One Eye is still in pursuit and catches up with the survivors as they begin rafting across a swamp. The swamp does not deter Old One Eye however and she starts swimming after them. After losing one man to Old One Eye through the machinations of the evil Claw Carver the raft is overturned by a Phobosuchus and the men desperately swim for shore. Luckily, Old One Eye decides to battle it out with the Phobosuchus giving the surviving group time to set up a trap for Old One Eye…

Harlem Heroes - Harlem Heroes: Episode 8.

First appearance of Artie Gruber.

Giant is falling to the ground after having to eject from his jet pack when it malfunctioned. He grabs hold of one of the opposition team to stop his descent and manages to score a miracle point as he dangles from the Siberian Wolf’s legs. Slim then picks his captain up and the Harlem Heroes call a time out so that Giant can replace his jet pack. The Heroes score again after the restart and win the match 3-1 but still can’t shake their suspicion that someone is trying to sabotage the team. Meanwhile, back in Mega-City One, the finishing touches are being put on a new foe for the Harlem Heroes - cyborg Artie Gruber.

Dan Dare - Dan Dare: Sequence 8.
Dan Dare and Commander Monday have escaped from Jupiter only to find their parent ship the Odyssey has been devoured by a huge living Biog spaceship. The Odyssey is being controlled by one of the Biogs’ servants. Some quick thinking by Dr. Ziggy Rodann enables her to regain control of the Odyssey but they are still trapped inside the living Biog ship. Meanwhile, Dan Dare flies his shuttle straight into the gapping maw of the Biog ship in an effort to rescue the Odyssey. However, once inside, the brain of the Biog ship touches Dan Dare and the minds of his shuttle crew and Dan Dare is seemingly turned traitor…

M.A.C.H.1 - Spain Kidnap (single episode).
Maria Aragon, a friend of John Probe, has been kidnapped in Spain. Probe decides to go on a personal mission to free her from her ruthless female captor Pilar. He storms the villa where Maria is being held and after a show of strength Pilar surrenders and Maria is rescued (this is interesting as in previous episodes John Probe has no qualms in killing the male villains he faces but in this instance he is able to get a female villain to surrender without laying a finger on her – perhaps a reinforcement of the unwritten rule that men don’t hit women). Maria wishes her fiance could be more like John Probe and he likes her a lot but “…M.A.C.H men aren’t paid to have feelings.”

Judge Dredd - Antique Car Heist (single episode).
Thieves have been stealing vintage cars and Judge Dredd is on the case when he spots the latest stolen vehicle (a Morris Minor) being driven to Krilz’s Auto Market. While in the process of apprehending the perps, Dredds visor is obscured with liquid plastic. He removes his helmet (this frame is censored so that you cannot see Dredds face) and the thieves are struck with horror with the hideous sight before them. Dredd then opens fire on the thieves killing three of them and later arresting their leader Krilz.

Even though this episode of Judge Dredd is not particularly noteworthy for the actual story itself, the frame where Judge Dredds face is censored is significant as it adds a great sense of mystery to the character and has readers wondering just exactly what is under that helmet of his.


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