2000 A.D. Sci-Fi Special nn2-A

Comic Book by Fleetway, Jun 01 1979
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2000 A.D. Sci-Fi Special nn2-A by Fleetway
2000 A.D. Sci-Fi Special nn2-A by Fleetway


Cover Price:$.40
Publish Date:JUN 01 1979



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Item Biography

Cover by Brian Bolland

Judge Dredd: "The Billion Credit Caper"
Script: Alan Grant
Art: Brett Ewins
Letters: Thom

"You are a Judge" (a quiz based on being a Mega-City One lawman).

Tharg's Future Shocks: "First Encounter"
Script: Oleh Stepaniuk
Art: Alan Craddock
Letters: S. Richards

"Meteor: An Epic New Disaster Movie" (a feature on the Warner Bros. film "Meteor").

Dan Dare: "The Planet of Frozen Fear" (an uncredited text story).

Tharg's Futrue Shocks: "The Last Jungle in the World"
Script: Alan Grant as Staccato
Art: Nick Neocleous
Letters: Peter Knight

"The Kids From Kosma"

Centre spread "Mek Wars!" poster by Kevin O'Neill.

"Tharg's Cosmic Puzzle" (a quiz/word search puzzle)

"A Breath of Fresh Air" (an uncredited text story).

"Ro-Jaws and Hammer-Stein's Laugh in!" (2 pages of readers letters and drawings).

"The Dredd Interview"
John Howard (aka John Wagner) and Brian Bolland are interviewed by AALN-1 (aka Alan Grant).

"The Subject is Dredd...and Dredd is the Law! (2 pages of readers art)

Strontium Dog: "Assault on Trigol 3!"
Script: Steve MacManus as Ian Rogan
Art: Rob Moran
Letters: John Aldrich

"You are a Strontium Dog" (a quiz based on being a Search and Destroy agent).

M.A.C.H.1: "The Taxaco Venture"
Script: Gary Rice
Art: Garry Leach
Letters: S. Richardson

Back cover: "I, Robot! Everything You Wanted to Know About Hammer-Stein!"


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