Showcase 22-A

Comic Book by DC, Oct 01 1959
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Showcase 22-A by DC
Showcase 22-A by DC


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:OCT 01 1959
Content:CCA Approved

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First appearance of the Silver Age Green Lantern.

Green Lantern in "SOS Green Lantern!"

Test pilot, Hal Jordan is testing a flightless space simulator for Ferris Aircraft. Meanwhile, nearby an alien space craft crashes and its pilot, Abin Sur, calls out for his Green Lantern ring to find a suitable replacement. The ring finds Hal Jordan and lifts the training simulator, leading Jordan to Abin Sur, who tells Jordan of his responsibilities and grants him the power of the Green Lantern before succumbing to his fatal injuries sustained in the crash.

"Green Oddities"

Four individual panels that deal with green superstitions on Halloween, Christmas and with marriage and gems.

Green Lantern in "Secret of the Flaming Spear!"

While Hal Jordan is trying to ask the owner's daughter on a date, one of Ferris Aircraft's pilots is flying the experimental space-plane called the Flaming Spear when it loses control. Green Lantern springs into action and saves both pilot and plane. Upon inspection of the aircraft, Green Lantern discovers that the plane's controls were locked up by outside radiation. Using his ring, Green Lantern follows the trail of radiation to find foreign saboteurs with a "radiation-sender" machine. The saboteurs flee, but are eventually caught by Green Lantern. Upon returning to Ferris Aircraft, Hal Jordan learns that Willard Ferris is taking a leave of absence and leaving his daughter, Carol, in charge of the company... causing her to spurn Hal's advances in order to focus on the business.

"Test Pilot"

A one page text story.

Green Lantern in "Menace of the Runaway Missile"

Never one to give up, Hal Jordan still makes attempts to woo Carol Ferris. However, Carol seems more interested in meeting Green Lantern instead. Hal uses the opportunity and goes as Green Lantern to a celebrity ball Carol is attending. Carol has an immediate attraction to Green Lantern but just as they kiss he sees a missile rocketing towards the city. He leaves the embrace of Carol and races towards the missile, stopping it with a net construct from his ring. With the aid of the military, Green Lantern pinpoints where the missile originated from and discovers an evil scientist who wanted to use the missile to destroy a military building where H-Power research was being done so that he could be the first to obtain the power. Following the capture of the scientist, GL returns to Carol who is furious with him for leaving in the middle of a most intimate moment.

"Pioneer Guided Missiles!"

Four individual panels describing the "Bug", "Bat", "Buzz Bomb" and the V-2.


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