Strike! 2-A

Comic Book by Eclipse, Sep 01 1987
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Strike! 2-A by Eclipse
Strike! 2-A by Eclipse


Cover Price:$1.75
Publish Date:SEP 01 1987


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"Test Drive"

Dennis Foreman comes down from the attic wearing the uniform and power vest of Sgt. Strike to show his mother and her no-good boyfriend. When her boyfriend starts trouble, Dennis puts him in his place, courtesy of the the power suit. The next night, Dennis goes with his friend Bobby to the local bar where only bad dudes hang out, and puts $400 on the bar, betting no one can take him. He trashes everyone there and the bar too. Local press coverage of this event gets noticed by local law enforcers, who track Dennis to his house and hold him at gunpoint, demanding the suit.

"Sgt. Strike Battles the War Wagon!"

Sgt. Strike is visiting the infirmary to see an injured buddy, when Nazi Commander Mite unveils his War Wagon, thinking it invincible.
(Credits for the second feature were printed in the letters column of issue #6)


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