Caliber Presents 4-A

Comic Book by Caliber, Jul 01 1989
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Caliber Presents 4-A by Caliber
Caliber Presents 4-A by Caliber


Cover Price:$1.95
Publish Date:JUL 01 1989
Content:Mature Readers


Item Biography

"Thrillkill, Part IV: Last Rights"
A death squad is sent to kill the Curator, but he proves to much for them. The attack is enough to convince him to join Laana's cause.

"Fugitive: Mayberry R.I.P."
Prison escapee Raisch has Detective Clarence Delaney hot on his heels, through the weird world to TV programs into which Raisch was unexplainable plunged. Mayberry RFD is the locale this time, and Police Officer Barney Fife has collared Raisch while Andy is off fishing with Opie. Soon, the bodies are piled high, and Andy Taylor takes on an uncharacteristically vengeful tone. 10 pages.

"Honor Among Punks Overture"
A college student studying abroad in England finds herself immersed in Punk culture and worst...pit fights, drugs, and death in the basement of secret, illegal clubs. 9 pages.

"Eyes of the Hero..."
A P.O.V. adventure through the eyes of a hero, busting up an art heist. 8 pages.

"Heart of Darkness: The Sage of Cuda, Chapter 4"
In the darkness of the maze, Cuda is attacked by a warrior woman who assumes he is a pawn of Arson. He disarms the woman, Jinix by name, and forms an alliance. They fight their way further into the maze before coming upon a grotesque form, shackled to walls of a cell. 5 pages.

"A Tale from the Aniverse"
Gideon runs a curio shop where the rare is on sale, and everything has its price if you only dare ask. Some escaped prisoners are pursued into the shop, and one pleads with Gideon for a place to hide. He should have asked the price before he made the deal. 8 pages.



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