2000 A.D. (UK) 15-A

Comic Book by Rebellion, Jun 01 1977
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2000 A.D. (UK) 15-A by Rebellion
2000 A.D. (UK) 15-A by Rebellion


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Publish Date:JUN 01 1977



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Invasion - The Doomsdale Scenario: Episode 3.
The British resistance are determined to destroy the Doomsdale Nuclear Research Station before the Volgans are able to build a “Neutrino Bomb”. Dressed as Volgan soldiers, Lieutenant Silk and Brigadier Bentley Pearson try to gain access through the main gates but their cover gets blown. Bill Savage takes matters into his own hands by taking control of a Volgan tanker truck filled with acid and reverses it into the reactor plant. The tank ruptures and the plant is destroyed as the acid eats through the reactor cooling pipes.

Flesh - Flesh Book I. Episode 15.
The starving flesh-eating dinosaurs have broken into the trans-time base on all fronts and are killing everything in their wake. The Controller requests assistance from the Heads of Trans-Time Corporation but is refused as it’s deemed unprofitable to send in more men to their deaths. Giant spiders break into the Controllers office and manage to overwhelm and kill Joe Brontowski. Earl Reagan decides it’s time to finish his business with Old One Eye once and for all!

Harlem Heroes – Harlem Heroes: Episode 15.
It’s come down to a sudden-death fly-off between the Harlem Heroes and The Flying Scotsmen in the second round of the World Aeroball Championship. Heroes rookie, Zack Harper, has drawn the “death’s head” to go one-on-one with Red MacArdle, the captain of the Scotsmen. After a bitter battle, Zacks instinctive play wins the game to the delight of the Harlem fans however; it appears the Heroes are about to receive another unwelcome visit from Artie Gruber…

Dan Dare – Hollow World: Part 4.
Dan Dare is forced to crash land on an unknown planet orbiting within a red giant star when the faster-than-light drive on the Titan 1.C. fails. Dare, Rok and Captain O’Grady have unwittingly found themselves on the secret world where Mekon and the Two of Verath are laying down their plans against the Galactic Empire. The Two of Veraths minions, the Skash, capture the three survivors from the Titan 1.C. and bring them before Mekon for interrogation.

M.A.C.H.1 – Yeti (single episode).
John Probe is sent to the mountain kingdom of Bepal to investigate an opium smuggling operation that is suspected to be led by its ruler. Undercover as a member of the U.N. World Drugs Commission, Probe meets with the “Kivu Lama” who appears to offer complete cooperation to the U.N. However, upon further investigation John Probe discovers that the Kivu Lama is behind the smuggling ring and that he has two trained Yetis to do his bidding. The Kivu Lama sets his Yetis on Probe but underestimates the skills of the MACH man who after killing one Yeti, releases the other which sets upon the Kivu Lama and drags him off into the mountains to be devoured.

Judge Dredd – Robots Wars: Part 6.
Walter the Wobot has freed Judge Dredd from Call-Me-Kenneth and introduces him to some robots still loyal to humans - Howard, Stewart and J70 Stroke I3. They hatch a plan and change the programming in the robotics factory so that all new robots produced are now loyal to humans again. The new robots take back control of the robotics factory but they’ve not yet won the war as Call-Me-Kenneth and his Heavy Metal Kids wage a battle on the steps of the Grand Hall of Justice.


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