Kill Shakespeare 3-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by IDW, Sep 01 2013
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Kill Shakespeare 3-A by IDW
Kill Shakespeare 3-A by IDW


Cover Price:$19.99
Publish Date:SEP 01 2013
Sale Date:OCT 09 2013
Caption:The Tide of Blood



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"Chapter 1: The Winter of Our Discontent",
"Chapter 2: To Hold the Mirror Up to Nature",
"Chapter 3: Darkness Which the Blind Do See",
"Chapter 4: Lovers and Madmen",
"Chapter 5: An Unclean Mind",

By Conor McCreery, Anthony Del Coll and Andy Belanger.

Collects Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood #1-5.

"Revenge Shall Have No Bounds"

By Carrie J. Cole and Vivian Ng.

This is an originally unpublished story that was not included with the Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood series.

"Bonus Gallery"

Cover Gallery, Charater Sketches by Andy Belanger and Character Bios.

*With Richard III and Lady Macbeth defeated, Hamlet, Juliet, Othello, and Romeo face an even greater danger-Prospero, a rogue wizard who plans to destroy all of creation. Hamlet must embark on a perilous journey to a remote island whose inhabitants have gone mad and want the Dane's blood… if they aren't beaten to the chase by one of Hamlet's allies. *Source:


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