Star*Reach 4-A

Comic Book by Star Reach Productions, Mar 01 1976
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Star*Reach 4-A by Star Reach Productions
Star*Reach 4-A by Star Reach Productions


Cover Price:$1.00
Publish Date:MAR 01 1976

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"Starbuck" by Chaykin. Mercenary Cody Starbuck is commissioned to steal a warp drive, and Cody drives a hard bargain, but will be paid by treachery. 11 pgs, b&w.

"The White Slavers of Scrofula" by Skrenes/Vosburg. Linda Lovecraft will do anything to get her hands on a certain set of gemstones, even if it is getting herself between Slavers and despots. 10 pgs, b&w.

"Marginal Incident" by Leialoha. An Old World village has fallen on hard times, creating tensions between the 'normal' people and the mutants. 8 pgs, b&w.

"The Adventures of the Animated Government" by Smith. Sherlock Duck investigates an sinister scheme to replace the government officials of NYC with dim-witted animated characters. 4 pgs, b&w.

"Hidden Worlds, Hidden Dreams" by Warwick/Marrs. The agents of Earthprobe get the unwelcome assignment of tracking down the Abominable Snowman and finds a deeper mystery. 11 pgs, b&w.

"Clik!" by Workman. A future alien civilization, reviewing the cultural achievements of humankind, wonders how they were so foolish as to destroy themselves. 4 pgs, b&w.



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