Kull and the Barbarians 2-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jul 01 1975
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Kull and the Barbarians 2-A by Marvel
Kull and the Barbarians 2-A by Marvel


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Publish Date:JUL 01 1975


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"Of Swords, Sorcery, and Science"
An Editorial Introduction, 1 page.

"Teeth of the Dragon, Chapter One"
Kull has been removed from the Topaz throne of Valusia by Thulsa Doom, and he races to the sea to escape, Brule the Spear Slayer and Ridondo the minstrel his only companions. Ka-nu, the Pictish Ambassador to Valusia, risk helping Kull escape by ship to the Pictish Isles. Once they are there, the find that the Picts have been turned against them by Teyanoga, a sorcerer in league with Doom. Kull and Ridondo escape, with Brule remaining behind to fight the oppressor. 26 pages.

"The Hills of the Dead"
Solomon Kane visits N'Longa in Africa, where he is gifted with a voodoo staff with which Kane can summon his friend should he need aid. Kane then wanders the grasslands, rescuing a woman from a lion's attack. They must rest the night before Kane can see her safely back to her village, and they are set upon by the Walking Dead. Only N'Longa's staff is effective in killing them. 10 pages.

"Red Sonja, She-Devil with a Sword"
Red Sonja finds herself in unknown parts, and when she asks the locals about a castle the she sees in the distance, they run in fear. She meets Ghunthar, who tells her the lady of the castle will provide her a bed, and bids her to deliver a brass container. Sonja reaches the castles and delivers the container to the woman, but a werewolf is in their midst, and by the time Death has visited twice, Sonja learns the ironic tale of a cursed son and his mother. 10 pages.

"Blackmark versus the Mind Demons, Chapter One"
15 pages.


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