Young Justice 80-Page Giant 1-A

Comic Book by DC, May 01 1999
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Young Justice 80-Page Giant  1-A by DC
Young Justice 80-Page Giant 1-A by DC


Cover Price:$4.95
Publish Date:MAY 01 1999
Sale Date:MAR 17 1999
Content:CCA Approved



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*Young Justice in "First Memory, Part One"

Hiding deep within Red Tornado there's been a mysterious force of great power that can make the imaginable real. Now it's on the loose!

Young Justice in "The Totally O.K. Corral"

The team becomes Young Frontier Justice when thrust into a wild west scenerio for a classic showdown.

Impulse & Wonder Girl in "My Gun is (Super) Quick"

Bart meets Pulp Fiction...not.

Wonder Girl, Arrowette & Secret in "Nosferatu to You Too"

The ladies find themselves in the crypt of Wampirs with little hope of survival.

Young Justice in "Rock 'em Sock 'em... Robot?"

Manga, shmanga! Wide eyes and weird costumes can't keep the team from jumping into speed-line action in this futuristic saga.

Robin, Superboy & Impulse in "Our Justice at War"

War! What's it good for? Nothing for Impulse Robin and Superboy who find themselves as toy soldiers in a real WWII drama.

Young Justice in "First Memory, Part Two"

Young Justice is brought back to reality to witness its end. *Source: Table of contents


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