Sub-Mariner (1941) 35-A

Comic Book by Atlas, Aug 01 1954
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Sub-Mariner (1941) 35-A by Atlas
Sub-Mariner (1941) 35-A by Atlas


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:AUG 01 1954
Content:ASCP Authorized

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"Invasion!" featuring the Sub-Mariner (E-697).
Namora alerts Namor that Prince Byrrah is stirring up the Atlanteans for war with the surface world. What's worse is that he has fabricated a story that portrays Namor as a traitor to his race. Namor succeeds in stopping the war, but not without a cost. Emperor Tha-Korr has exiled him from his homeland once again. 8 pages.

"The Dawn of the Sub-Mariner" (E-805)
Start of a series that chronicles Namor's boyhood years and explains the origin of his powers. Young Namor lives with his people, the Atlanteans, in waters below the Antarctic ice cap. In this episode, Namor and Byrrah play on the ice floats, but Namor gets trapped, and must remain on the surface for a day before he can be found. His mother, Princess Fen fears he has died, as would a normal Atlantean, but Namor, half-breed as he is, can survive indefinitely out of water. 3 pages.
Reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol 2) #15.

"Jungle Lure" 2 pages, text only (E-755).

"Human Torch - Fugitive At Large!" (F-634).
A gang of jewel thieves have the Torch and Toro running ragged, with carefully orchestrated crimes taking place in distant locations. The police keep finding the Torch at crime scenes, and arrest him. The only way for the Torch to clear his name is to become a fugitive. 5 pages.
Reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol 2) #13.

"Vengeance!!!" featuring the Sub-Mariner (E-804)
Namor receives a call for help from a Professor Zunbar. He answers the call only to find a trap, and that the Professor has created an amphibious monster, but it is flawed in that it fears the water. The Professor plans to swap brains with Namor to fix that. Betty Dean comes to the rescue. 7 pages.
Reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol 2) #16.


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