Rangers Comics 22-A

Comic Book by Fiction House Magazines, Apr 01 1945
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Rangers Comics 22-A by Fiction House Magazines
Rangers Comics 22-A by Fiction House Magazines


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:APR 01 1945

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No Title Given featuring Firehair, Queen of the Sagebrush Frontier"
Young Firehair grows strong in the ways of her adaptive Dakota tribe. She captures her horse, Devil-Eye and demonstrates her warrior spirit. 10 pages.

No Title Given featuring U.S. Rangers.
Capt. Morgan's band helps Chinese guerilla fighters against the Japanese invaders. 9 pages.

"Living Mermaids!" featuring the Werewolf Hunter.
Professor Mesmer presents a mermaid exhibit to an audience, which includes the skeptical Professor Broussard. A fantastic adventure ensues where they are spirited away to an aquatic land. Mind trip or reality? 6 pages.

"Sniper" 2 pages, text only.

"Oil For the War-Lust of Nippon" featuring The Sea Devil.
The crew of the sub the Sea Devil discover, then demolish a Japanese refueling station for submarines in the Bay of Bengal. 6 pages.

"Tales of the Mystic Orient Far East: No.1 - Ahmad the Camel Boy"
A prophet tells Ahmad that he will meet a white camel, a sign of good fortune. He passes a test of valor and wins the camel, and frees a woman from slavery, and later marries her. 7 pages.

"The Infamous Heppenstall Hijack Plot" featuring Glory Forbes.
Glory stumbles into a crime plot by Nifty Nolan and spoils it. 8 pages.


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