Ash 6-C

Comic Book by Event Comics, Dec 01 1995
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Ash 6-C by Event Comics
Ash 6-C by Event Comics


Cover Price:$2.50
Publish Date:DEC 01 1995
Caption:Joe Quesada Fahrenheit Gold Cover 1/2000


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"Church of the Poison Mind" continues in Ash #0

*The latest addition to Event's limited edition series has arrived!! And, these aren't likely to last long. Like the previous editions in the series, these Fahrenheit books are stamped in foil. The Ash #6 Fahrenheit series features three different versions, with smaller-than-ever print runs for the serious collector! This limited edition series features the Quesada-Palmiotti cover stamped with the Gold and Red Fahrenheit logo. As a very special bonus, the White Fahrenheit edition only is available with either the Quesada/Palmiotti cover or the Mark Texiera painted cover at the same price. And, despite the edition quantities listed, a significant number of each edition was damaged during shipment and had to be destroyed. Therefore, there are actually fewer Ash #6 Fahrenheit books available than any previous edition. No hard sell on these, Ash-fans, but if you want to order any of the Ash #6 Fahrenheit series, do it today!!

Ash #6 Fahrenheit Gold is limited to 2000 copies (MSRP: $10.00) *Source: Event Comics Shopping Channel page, 22 Brides #1

This issue was the only issue in the series that used a significantly lower quality paper stock. 1st Appearance of Marilyn, Joe Fonti, the Gump Brothers and Jane Vasko.

Carrie & Libby appear in the background of two panels. Dark Ali appears in the background of one panel. Frenchie appears in the background of one panel.

32 pages: 22 of story & art, 3 of poster & Nowlan bio, 4 of ads, 3 of letters & creator columns

This issue includes:
- Ashley wearing a Geek Squad t-shirt
- Pulido's Pizza
- a biography of Kevin Nowlan
- a centerfold poster of Ash and Terra Firma Irma by Kevin Nowlan (later used in the 1997 Ash trading card set as card #54)
- advertisements for Ash Zero, the 1996 Philadelphia Comic Book Spectacular, MegaCon '96 and comic character phone cards.

Event Comics Shopping Channel offers in this issue:
- Ash #5 Limited Fahrenheit Editions (see individual entries for print runs and MSRPs)
- Ash Chromium Cards MSRP: $5.00
- Ash #4 Limited Fahrenheit Editions (see individual entries for print runs and MSRPs)
- Full-Color Ash Poster MSRP: $6.00
- Ash #1 Connoisseur's Kit: a signed copy of #1 with a Kid Death litho (1/1995) MSRP: $24.95
- Ash Limited Edition Lithograph of Ash #1's cover (1/1500) MSRP: $29.95

The cover art from this issue was later used in the 1997 Ash trading card set as card #7.


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