Fantastic Four (1961) 130-B

Comic Book by Marvel, Jan 01 1973
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Fantastic Four (1961) 130-B by Marvel
Fantastic Four (1961) 130-B by Marvel


Cover Price:$.06
Publish Date:JAN 01 1973
Caption:UK Price Cover
Content:CCA Approved


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"Battleground: The Baxter Building!"

Johnny makes his way up to Crystal as he fights his way through and around the inhumans who are trying to explain why Crystal must remain away from Johnny. Ben and Medusa fight the Frightful Four but they are both overwhelmed by their enemy as they become prisoners. Meanwhile, Reed tries to get some work done but he is interrupted by the arrival of the Frightful Four as they take Reed prisoner. But Sue is there and buys some time for the team to recover and fight back. But in the end, the Frightful Four escape but in the tattered ruins of the Baxter Building, Reed lashes out at Sue for not taking Franklin away from the battle as Sue leaves Reed and the Fantastic Four.


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