Firearm 1-B

Comic Book by Malibu, Sep 01 1993
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Firearm 1-B by Malibu
Firearm 1-B by Malibu


Cover Price:$1.95
Publish Date:SEP 01 1993
Caption:Ultra Limited Silver Foil Cover 1/5000


Item Biography

"American Pastimes Part I"

*Alec Swan wants to forget his dark days back in England when he worked for The Lodge and his code name was "Firearm." Now a private eye in Pasadena, his latest case is to find the missing Arnie Tate. After a fruitless search, a truck full of gun-toting punks attack Swan, spraying his car with bullets. Reacting fast, Swan brandishes his firearm, destroying their truck with an explosive charge. Bloodied and battered, Swan stands slumped on the road side as a cop pulls up. A lizard-like Ultra, Marley, dressed like a cop steps out of the car and attacks Swan. He beats Swan to the point of near death. In desperation, Swan shoves an explosive charge from his firearm into the ultra's spandex shirt, The explosion kills Marley. This case isn't turning out the way he expected.
*Source: Ultraverse: Year One #1.


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