Mindfield 1-C

Comic Book by Aspen, Jun 01 2010
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Mindfield 1-C by Aspen
Mindfield 1-C by Aspen


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:JUN 01 2010
Sale Date:JUN 30 2010
Caption:Joe Benitez Retailer Incentive Cover


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"An Inside Job"
"Project Cobalt Data Files: Connor"

*The war on terror has just begun! The CIA has created an elite team of telepathic agents dedicated to fighting domestic terrorism. But as Connor and the rest of his crew take to the streets, can they handle the dark thoughts buried inside the minds of 'we the people?' Aspen's newest hit series, Mindfield, comes to you courtesy of creator J.T. Krul and new comer Alex Konat who present to you a world of action and intrigue the likes of which you've never seen! As the War on Terror reaches its most critical point, the CIA's special team of telepathic agents sets out to confront real world threats. But, a dangerous new plot emerges in the most unlikely of places. As Connor struggles to cope with his frightening new abilities, he soon discovers the hard way that too much information can be a very bad thing! *Source: aspenstore.com


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