Military Comics 1-A

Comic Book by Comic Magazines, Aug 01 1941
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Military Comics 1-A by Comic Magazines
Military Comics 1-A by Comic Magazines


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Publish Date:AUG 01 1941

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First appearance and origin of Blackhawk and the Blackhawks. At the dawn of World War II, in the skies over Poland, a young pilot is shot down by Captain von Tepp, who then proceeds to drop a bomb which kills his brother and sister. Vowing to continue fighting, the man adopts the identity of Blackhawk and proceeds to challenge von Tepp to an aerial duel to the death!

"Loops and Banks of the Red Dragon Squadron"
Two test pilots with the Fighting Tigers in China are fired after crashing a "borrowed," but unknowingly sabotaged plane. Wandering the countryside, they encounter General Cheng, also known as the Red Dragon, and join his resistance fighters.

"The Blue Tracer"
Ambushed in war-torn Ethiopia, an American engineer working for the British is rescued by local villagers. He meets an Australian Soldier, Boomerang Jones, and together they scavenge captured enemy weaponry to construct the Blue Tracer, a flying tank, which they use to destroy an impregnable enemy fortress.

"Archie Atkins, Desert Scout"
Archie Atkins and his cohorts Jack Bailey and Achmed are rescued by a goat who disrupts their execution. While wandering through the desert, they encounter French troops and join together to destroy an enemy fort.

"Shot and Shell"
Colonel Shot meets Slim Shell, and together they manage to foil some German Spies who mistake Slim's rickety biplane for a new American super-weapon.

"Yankee Eagle"
German infiltrators capture the USS America, stranding the graduating class of the US Naval Academy on a remote island. Jerry Noble, the son of Senator Noble uses his animal-communication skills and his pet eagle to rescue the cadets and recapture the ship.

"Death Patrol"
Wealthy playboy Del van Dyne, fired from his job at Universal Airlines, decides to steal a plane. Before he can take off, a gang of escaped convicts hijacks the plane, and he convinces them to join him in England to help fight. In England, they become the Death Patrol, a group using their criminal skills (and expendability) to tackle impossible missions.

"Sabotage" and "Camp Capers"
Humorous military-themed comic strips.

"Miss America"
First Appearance and origin of Miss America. Reporter Joan Dale sits beneath the Statue of Liberty one day, wishing for power to help her country as she falls asleep. In a dream, the statue grants her magic powers, and when she awakens, she discovers she can transform matter. With her new abilities, she tracks down a ring of saboteurs bombing local factories.

"Gone with the Draft"
A text feature extolling the benefits of joining the military and the "wonderful" experience of boot camp.

Captain Foghorn and his three young sailors pilot a specially-enhanced four-masted schooner to rescue and assist British forces on the high seas.


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