G.I. Joe (2001) 33-B

Comic Book by Devil's Due, Aug 01 2004
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G.I. Joe (2001) 33-B by Devil's Due
G.I. Joe (2001) 33-B by Devil's Due


Cover Price:$2.95
Publish Date:AUG 01 2004
Sale Date:AUG 18 2004
Caption:Michael Turner Standard Cover


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"The Road Less Travelled"
"Fantom, Part Three"

Hawk, having been shot in back by Cobra Commander, lies on ground apparently dead. Then a series of dream like moments happen: Hawk retires, Hawk recalls a wife he had, Cobra has been defeated, GI Joe is disbanded, and Cobra Commander is in prison. As well as a memory of leave on mission to return and find out his fiance is dead. All of the dreams happen in the span of a minute. Hawk survives but is paralyzed with an unretractable bullet lodged in his spine.

A finance of Hawk's is introduced; the time frame in which she was alive is yet to be determined. Storm Shadow appears in a dream sequence in the group of Joes in his urban ninja gear, a reference to the days when he was part of GI Joe during the Marvel run.

Wraith back up story.


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