Marvel Premiere 14-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Mar 01 1974
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Marvel Premiere 14-A by Marvel
Marvel Premiere 14-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.20
Publish Date:MAR 01 1974
Content:CCA Approved


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"Sise-Neg Genesis"

Sise-Neg, having revealed his true self and purpose to Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo, regresses further into the history of time. Mordo the desperate sycophant, hopes to ally himself and vicariously domineer through the 31st century time-traveller/sorceror.

Doctor Strange pleads with the aspirant deity not to pay Mordo any heed. As humanity begins to dwindle away from Sise-Neg's being, his compassion ebbs too. The future-man conjures a mythical Dragon to challenge an itinerant Knight. Strange has to use the last vestiges of his mystic power, depleted because Sise-Neg has absorbed all magic from practitioners throughout the ages, to save the Knight from being devoured by the Dragon.

The Knight introduces himself as Lancelot du Lac, en route to join the court of Camelot. Strange surmises that Sise-Neg has materialized in the Middle Ages to siphon Merlin's energy.

Sise-Neg next appears physically altered, above a city teeming with wickedness and debauchery. Strange again solicits to Sise-Neg's benevolence. Bloodthirsty citizens force the Godling's hand. His wrath is terrible to behold. The city is obliterated in the wink of a celestial eye. Strange and Mordo, now nearly powerless can only watch on, impotently.

Further back historically, in the primordial slime that Dinosaurs trudged. Sise-Neg takes another evolutionary leap. Out from the slimy swamp emerges an obscene creature; Shuma-Gorath is born. Sise-Neg banishes the aberration to a nether-dimension, fulfilling its pre-ordained destiny.

The hour of Sise-Neg's apotheosis is nigh. Strange and Mordo are less significant than gnats now. Time and creation are flowing backwards. The Earth, the Sun and its satellite planets devolve into themselves.

There is bleak nothingness, only pierced by the light of the Eye of Agamotto. Sise-Neg admits to being wrong about his ambitions. In a cosmic act of contrition, the Universe is re-created down to infinitesimal detail.

Strange and Mordo are temporally relocated to the present, where the Sorceror Supreme notices, looking at Mordo, that the stress of witnessing Creation first-hand has literally blown his mind. Down below on the city's streets the insipient populace celebrates the dawning of a new year.

Dr. Strange stories continue in Doctor Strange (1974) #1.


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