Invincible 3-A

Comic Book by Skybound Entertainment, Mar 01 2003
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Invincible 3-A by Skybound Entertainment
Invincible 3-A by Skybound Entertainment


Cover Price:$2.95
Publish Date:MAR 01 2003
Sale Date:MAR 26 2003


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*Mark's father, Nolan decides that they need to spend some "quality time" together. They plan a day to patrol the globe together keeping the planet safe; the superhero equivalent of playing catch in the backyard. It doesn't take them long to find an otherworldly menace trying to claim earth as its prize. It's up to Mark and Nolan to defend our planet... luckily for us, this kind of thing is old hat for Nolan, now, if only Mark could stay out of his way. In other news, Mark quit his job at Burger Mart, and his mom makes pork chops for dinner... mmmmm, pork chops. *Source:

Pin-up by Conrad W. Rudy.

Includes "Benito & Nate's L.A.R.P. Tribute to Stuff" two page back-up story and a five page preview of Bulletproof Monk: Tales of the BPM.


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