Sub-Mariner (1941) 38-A

Comic Book by Atlas, Feb 01 1955
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Sub-Mariner (1941) 38-A by Atlas
Sub-Mariner (1941) 38-A by Atlas


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:FEB 01 1955

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"The Sub-Mariner Strikes!" (F-571)
Namor, once invincible, has slowly lost his strength, until he is only slightly more powerful than an average man. Emperor Tha-Korr has a machine, the Rejuvinator, which will restore Namor's former power. Byrrah tries in vain to stop it. Namor's strength is back, and he has developed the power of flight by growing wings on his ankles (Note: this story is an alternate version to that told, oddly enough, in the same issue in "Wings on his Feet"). The catch is that the Emperor wants Namor to resume his war against the surface world. Namor has split allegiances, now, and hesitates until he gets an example of man's selfishness, and so resumes his crusade against the surface world. 8 pages.
Reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol 2) #12.

"Strange Encounter!" 2 pages, text only (8886).

"Wings on His Feet" featuring the Sub-Mariner (F-637).
Namor, only 14 years-old, explores the ice shelf with his mother, Princess Fen, when a chasm opens, swallowing both he and his mother. Namor discovers he has the power of flight, given by tiny wings on his ankles. 3 pages.
Reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol 2) #17.

"Shark!" (F-559).
A Greenland shark, hungry for prey, attacks a Bowhead whale, who can do nothing but attempt to flee as the shark steadily feeds upon it. The Bowhead is saved, however, by a sperm whale, who in turn, devours the shark. 4 pages.

"The Best Automobile Sticker" 1 page ad for a RIAL (Religion in American Life) bumpersticker.

"The World Destroyers!" featuring the Sub-Mariner (F-638).
Namor is torn over his pledge for a war on surface dwellers, and visits Betty Dean. She directs his anger against a group of bad men, the Fatalists. The group are extremist who have developed a death ray, whose members are rumored to come from another world. Namor smashes them, never realizing that they were Plutonians. 7 pages.



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