Madame Mirage 1-C

Comic Book by Top Cow, Jun 01 2007
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Madame Mirage 1-C by Top Cow
Madame Mirage 1-C by Top Cow


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:JUN 01 2007
Sale Date:JUN 20 2007
Caption:Kenneth Rocafort 1:25 Sketch Cover


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Through the use of bio-engineering, and cybernetic enhancements, a new generation of Super-Heroes and Super-Villains, were created. When violence and terrorism escalated to a point beyond control, a Global Treaty was put in place banning all the Mega-Tech, and it's future design. Heroes and Villains both, were incarcerated. Out of this ban, A.S.I. was created, a criminal organization created by, and run by, former Mega-Tech Villains. In this issue, Angela and Harper take their first steps in revealing themselves, and their plot of revenge, to A.S.I. and Abe Coyle. Meanwhile, Roger Maitland, money laundering specialist for A.S.I., has plans to skip town with 10 million he skimmed from the till, but Madame Mirage has her own plans.


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