Metal Hurlant 7-A

Comic Book by Humanoids, Jul 01 2003
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Metal Hurlant 7-A by Humanoids
Metal Hurlant 7-A by Humanoids


Cover Price:$3.95
Publish Date:JUL 01 2003


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On an planet inhabited solely by artificial life, only two beings still function. One tries to recount how this all happened to the other. The advent of a strange asteroid caused the robotic population to start committing 'suicide' in the face of the self-awareness the asteroid induced. The robotic leadership gets the bright idea of creating a 'savior' to bring happiness back to the masses. 12 pages.

"Spouting Off: The Random Thoughts of Jean-Pierre Dionnet"
Editorial with spot illustrations.

"Rapid Eye Movement"
A man dreams he is an assassin with the assumption that it is only in his drug-induced sleep. The truth is that the drug is part of a black-ops agency program to target government sanctioned hits. 8 pages.

"Shame on You!"
People with lives of perfect respectability, if you look at them in just the right way, show some nasty underpinnings. 12 pages.

"Fragile, Part 1"
The world has largely been infested by zombies, with 95% of the population falling victim, the balance living in strongholds, trying to stay clean. Alan Olden is one of the living, until a common household accident while working on a ladder causes him to change sides. 9 pages.

"My Pregancy"
A soon-to-be dad worries about having to assume the mantle of responsibility, and the waves of anxiety that come over him are overwhelming. 4 pages.

The Anomoly joins the rebels as they stage an act of sabotage against the Megalex, while the rest of the surface dwellers are pacified by the pablum 'mana' that is distributed by the govenment to keep the population in check.


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