Spellbinders (1986) 2-A

Comic Book by Quality Comics, Jan 01 1987
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Spellbinders (1986) 2-A by Quality Comics
Spellbinders (1986) 2-A by Quality Comics


Cover Price:$1.25
Publish Date:JAN 01 1987

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Nemesis the Warlock: "The Gothic Empire" (part 3-5 reprinted from issues 389-391 of 2000 A.D. (UK)).

The Goths have been monitoring Earth radio transmissions for years, and have modeled their culture on early 20th century Britian. Torquemada, leader of the Terminators comes to wipe the galaxy clean of the Goths, but unknown to all, the leader of the Terminators stalks their streets as the Phantom, stealing life-forces from the unfortunate that stray in his path. The Hellfire Club is a secret society within the Goths that look to overthrow the current regime, and aid Torquemada to reach their end. Nemesis the Warlock finally meets his foe, but must deal also with the Hellfire Club.

Slaine: "Warriors' Dawn" (reprinted from issue 335 of 2000 A.D. (UK)).

Slaine and Ukko ride through the swamps. They stop to rest and Ukko tells tales of Slaine's youth to the locals, tales about how Slaine trained to become a warrior, how he slew his rival, and the father of his rival, and how he manifests the warp power. The warp power comes upon a warrior in the heat of battle and transforms him into a twisted giant by channeling the power of the earth and sun.

Slaine: "The Beltain Giant" (reprinted from issue 336 of 2000 A.D. (UK)).

Slaine, having been turned out by his tribe for slaying his rival, is a nomad. He and Ukko have fallen on lean times, so when the local village chieftain Urien offers to hire Slaine to rescue his daughter from the fearsome Drune, Slaine accepts.

"Amadeus Wölf Stalker of the Supernatural vs. Kalak the Evil!" part 2 (reprinted from the UK comic book Smash!. In the original, the title character was named Cursitor Doom but was changed to Amadeus Wölf for this reprint).

The newspaperman, thrall of Kalak, has been ordered to kill Amadeus Wolf's assistant Jimmy Brannigan, who had been tailing the reporter. Mimir, Wolf's raven, finds and frees Brannigan from his deathtrap. Wolf consults with the last remaining of Kalak's kinsmen for the way to bring an end to Kalak's reign of terror.


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