Captain America Comics (1941) 5-A

Comic Book by Timely, Aug 01 1941
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Captain America Comics (1941) 5-A by Timely
Captain America Comics (1941) 5-A by Timely


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:AUG 01 1941


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"The Ringmaster of Death"
*Behind the laughter and gaiety of the circus grounds lurked a tragedy more sinister than the twenty foot python. But the Ringmaster made one fatal mistake when his wheel of Death stopped at the names of Captain America and Bucky. 12 pages.
Note: the Ringmaster here is the Golden Age prototype for the character introduced in Incredible Hulk (1962) #3.

"The Gruesome Secret of the Dragon of Death!"
*What was the gruesome secret which chilled the brave hearts of the men who followed the sea and led Captain America and Bucky to their most dangerous adventure? 15 pages.

"Killers of the Bund"
*Like the spreading of a deadly plague, the seeds of Dictatorship were planted on American shores until Captain America and the Sentinels of Liberty united to uproot the vicious growths. 10 pages.

"Captain America and the Ruby Robbers"
2 pages, text with spot illustration.

"The Terror that was Devil's Island"
*Hideous were the reports that filtered through the jungle from the island of lost souls, where men were beaten and tortured under the iron rule of a brutal overlord, until Captain America and his young pal met the terror that was Devil's Island. 6 pages.

"The Saga of Captain America"

"Sentinel of Liberty Club News"

"Meet 'Headline' Hunter, Foreign Correspondent"
*A Daring American reporter braves the dangers of war-torn Europe to uncover a sensational story. 5 pages

"Weird Stories from the Dark Ages"
Featuring Tuk, Cave boy
4 pages.

No Title Given
Featuring Hurricane...Master of Speed
*What connection was there between the disfigured beggar who sold pencils for the crisp thousand dollar bills and the flood of counterfeit money which swept the nation? 8 pages.

*Source: inside front cover.


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