Twisted Tales (1982) 4-A

Comic Book by Pacific Comics, Aug 01 1983
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Twisted Tales (1982) 4-A by Pacific Comics
Twisted Tales (1982) 4-A by Pacific Comics


Cover Price:$1.50
Publish Date:AUG 01 1983


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"The Well"
The newlyweds haven't even finished moving in to their new home when eerie sounds from their well raise their curiosity. The investigate, and the monsters they find breeding there don't want to let them leave. The husband falls prey, and the wife barely escapes and destroys the nest, but ends up in the hospital as a result. There she hears the terrifying news... that she's pregnant.

"Nick of Time"
Jonathan comes home to find his unconscious wife held at knife-point by his irate neighbor. The neighbor has found out that his wife had been conducting an affair with Jonathan. The neighbor now wants to have a bit of sport with Jonathan before the end, but deception is part of the game.

"The Secret Place"
A mute boy is brought to summer camp, and is ostracized, then bullied by the other kids. He later meets a stranded alien who is trying to repair its spaceship but is slowly starving. The bullies start disappearing from camp, one by one.


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