Mystic Comics (1940) 4-A

Comic Book by Timely, Jul 01 1940
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Mystic Comics (1940) 4-A by Timely
Mystic Comics (1940) 4-A by Timely


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:JUL 01 1940


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"The Trustees of Hate" featuring the Blue Blaze.
The Blue Blaze brings justice to Dr. Vortex and his associates in their Balkan kingdom as they plan invasion. 10 pages.

No Title Given featuring Hercules.
The evil Lemos tries to make Hercules his mind slave, but doesn't reckon with the might of Hercules. 7 pages.

No Title Given featuring Thin Man.
Bruce Dickson, the Thin Man, can change from his normal form and become wafer thin. Prize fighter, super scientist, and crime fighter rolled into one. His origin in the Himalayas is presented. 8 pages.

No Title Given featuring Flexo the Rubber Man.
Professor Winston seeks the help of Flexo against the spies who are trying to force him to sell his secrets. 6 pages.

No Title Given featuring the Black Widow.
Origin of the Black Widow: Satan causes medium Claire Voyant to be murdered so he can take her to his kingdom and transform her into the Black Widow, who will act as his agent on Earth. 7 pages.

No Title Given featuring the Invisible Man.
Dr. Gade investigates an apparent suicide by an actress and finds something fishy. 6 pages.

"Devil God" 2 pages, text with spot illustration.

No Title Given featuring Merzah the Mystic.
Merzah works to uncover the blight of foreign spies hiding in America. 8 pages.

No Title Given featuring Dynamic Man.
A wave of jewel heists are connected and Curt Cowan, the Dynamic Man, who finds Professor Monte and his invention, the gold magnet. 9 pages.

"What Six Things Are Wrong with this Picture?"


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