Imagine 2-A

Comic Book by Star Reach Productions, Jun 01 1978
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Imagine 2-A by Star Reach Productions
Imagine 2-A by Star Reach Productions


Cover Price:$1.50
Publish Date:JUN 01 1978

Item Biography

"Black Crow"
Peyote St. Jean, Skywalker, is a mystic in training. She and her mentors, Shaman Don Psecalito and Don DeGenerato hear the stories of Black Crow. 12 pgs b&w.

A futuristic, cybernetic death-race is just another day at the office. 4 pgs b&w.

"The Avatar and the Chimera, Part 1 of 2"
The Chimera, a spirit form, lures the Avatar, a mortal into the spirit realm to fight the Chimera's demon oppressor. 8 pgs color.

"Days of Future Past"
A spaceship crashes to Jurassic Earth, its pilot dying. An alien intelligence which had possessed the pilot seeks a new host form and chooses a T-Rex. 6 pgs b&w.

"Drug Fiends of the Martian Moon"
A detective steps into the suspect's shoes in order to solve a case where addiction to 'beetlejuice' colors the motives. 7 pgs b&w.

"Encounter at the Cray Cat Saloon"
This intergalactic saloon has fashioned itself after the Old West, and doesn't like certain kinds of aliens. 3 pgs b&w.


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