Golden Age Men of Mystery 2-A

Comic Book by AC, May 01 1996
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Golden Age Men of Mystery 2-A by AC
Golden Age Men of Mystery 2-A by AC


Cover Price:$6.95
Publish Date:MAY 01 1996



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Item Biography

Commando Yank in "Riddle of the Arctic"
Penciled & inked by Dan Barry.
Reprinted from Wow comics (1940) #61.
8 pages.

Fighting Yank in "The Crossroads of Crime!"
Penciled by Jerry Robinson & inked by Mort Meskin.
Reprinted from Fighting Yank (1942) #25.
10 pages.

Black Terror in "The Nameless Men!"
Penciled & inked by Ruben Moreira.
Reprinted from Black Terror (1942) #25.
8 pages.

The Ghost Rider in "The Return of Magico?"
Written by Carl Memley, penciled by Dick Ayers & inked by Ernie Bache.
Reprinted from Red Mask #48.
6 pages.

Text story featuring Captain Flash, Phantom Lady, Commando Yank & the Black Terror in "Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Part 1"
Written by Roy Thomas, penciled by Brad Gorby & inked by Mark Heike.
3 pages.

Phantom Lady in "Ringside Racket!"
Written by Ruth Roche.
Reprinted from Phantom Lady (1954) #5.
7 pages.

Captain Flash in "The Beasts From 1,000,000 Million B.C."
Penciled by Mike Sekowsky.
Reprinted from Captain Flash #3.
6 pages.

Cover art by Brad Gorby.


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