Nexus (1981) 1-A

Comic Book by Capital Comics, Jan 01 1981
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Nexus (1981) 1-A by Capital Comics
Nexus (1981) 1-A by Capital Comics


Cover Price:$1.95
Publish Date:JAN 01 1981


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"The Coming of Nexus"

Welcome to the moon Ylum in the Earth year 2481 Mankind has spread himself throughout the stars. In a base below the surface of this inconspicuous planetoid, Nexus dreams about acts of brutality and avarice committed by people who are otherwise beyond the reach of justice. Then he reluctantly acts, serving up his own brand of justice to these individuals, as it is his only way to end his dreaming. He has gathered a group of refugees who live with him, offering them sanctuary from a cruel world. Journalist Sundra Peale has arrived, uninvited, to find out what makes Nexus tick. When some known shady characters come with a proposal to help Nexus end his dreams for the price of Nexus performing a hit for them. Nexus thinks hard on their proposal and accepts.

Includes a pull-out 2 page spread poster and a featurette providing a map of Ylum and bios of the creative team. 36 pages, b&w, oversized.

The first publication by Capital Comics.

First appearance of Nexus, Horatio Hellpop.



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