Walking Dead (2003) 77-A

Comic Book by Image, Sep 01 2010
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Walking Dead (2003) 77-A by Image
Walking Dead (2003) 77-A by Image


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Publish Date:SEP 01 2010
Sale Date:SEP 22 2010

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Andrea returns from her first day in the watch tower and she is asked to dinner by Spencer, but it is still to early for her to feel comfortable after loosing Dale. Carl catches Rick talking to the phone as Carl takes it pretty hard that his father believes that he can talk to Carl's dead mother. Scott finally dies as Heath takes it hard, but Monroe will not allow a funeral for Scott. Glenn and Maggie have a fight over relations but both realize what they mean to each other. Peter goes crazy after being forced to move away from his wife and son and all he wants is revenge on the man who split them up, Rick. He goes out to find Rick but in a fit of rage, Peter kills Regina as Monroe allows Rick to shoot Peter. But the shot attracts more than the dead as an armed group that has been searching for the survivors since seeing Glenn escape Washington DC, are now closing in on the community.

*No one can be trusted. *Source: imagecomics.com


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